Thursday, September 24, 2009

House training a puppy

As I've mentioned in the first article on this site, house training a puppy is pretty much the same as training any other dog. However there are some adjustments you have to make in order to make this experience as pleasant for both of you as it can only be.

First thing, you have to remember that puppies don't have full control over their bladders and bowel movements. Often times, they eliminate where they shouldn't, but they are not aware of what they have done.

This should give you two ideas, first protect as much as you can when your puppy leaves his den, and never punish your dog for something he done, if you aren't 100% certain he has done it on purpose.

There are some small changes you have to include in your puppies den. Adult dogs, don't eliminate in place they live, but as puppies most of the time don't realize they eliminate, you should add a toilet in their den. It is a good idea to put paper on the floor of your puppies den. This will make it easier for you to clean his mess and you won't have to worry your puppy destroys any surface.

Some puppies have problems realizing where exactly they are supposed to eliminate. That is why it is a good idea to watch where your puppy is eliminating in his den and place a toilet there. This way you will make it more natural and easy for him to associate litter box or other device with elimination spot.

Also after time, when your puppy starts to use the box more regularly and you think, he is aware that he is supposed to "do his business there." You can begin to remove some of the paper on the floor. It may be risky, as some puppies seem to get it at first, but when you make changes, they get back to eliminating in any spot.

Creating a toilet inside dogs den, doesn't mean you should give up on the idea of training him to eliminate in other place. Simply, whenever you take him for a walk or you allow him to play in the house, first take him to a designated elimination spot and give him a voice command of your choice to eliminate.

Also whenever your puppy eliminates in the toilet outside of his living area, give him a treat. This way, he will be much more eager to use the bathroom outside of his den, thus giving you less work.

Something most of the people forget about is, their puppies diet. Just like humans, if you want to keep your dogs metabolism and elimination schedule regular, you have to create a diet for him. Never leave a bowl of food and water lying around. If your dog will get used to eating whenever he wants, he will also eliminate whenever he likes. You want to be able to predict, when he is going to visit the bathroom, so you can assist him.

As you can see, house training a puppy, may seem hard or even impossible at first. But when you are aware of some of the facts from your dogs life, you will be able to effortlessly train him. As always with house training puppy and any other dog, you have to keep it consistent.

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