Thursday, September 24, 2009

What to do in case of an "accident"

Despite your best efforts, it may happen your dog will eliminate outside of the area you have chosen. There are many reasons why he has done that and not all are connected to the fact, your dog is a slow learner or doesn't understand he is supposed to "do his business" inside a litter box.

The most common mistake, is punishing puppies for eliminating where they shouldn't. While you can potty train your puppy, young dogs have underdeveloped muscles responsible for controlling bowel movements and bladder. So, from time to time, he can unconsciously eliminate on the floor or other place you don't want him to. Puppies are often unaware they have eliminated, so if you will punish them for it, they won't know what they have done.

The other thing you have to ask yourself is, do you allow your dog to eliminate frequently enough? If you don't, accidents can happen to him, because he wasn't able to stand the pressure anymore. Punishing your dog for your own mistakes seems cruel and irresponsible, not even mentioning, your pet will get very confused.

Some dogs are also quite shy, so when you put them in situation, where they have to eliminate in front of people they don't know, they may have problems doing it. Thus they will try to hold their need and may eliminate in an inappropriate but safe and quite place.

How to behave when your dog eliminates where ever he likes?

First thing is, never rub your dogs nose into the mess, he just made. Not mentioning the hygiene point of view, it is pointless. First thing you need to do is ask yourself a question if it wasn't your fault, the dog made what he made.

If you are absolutely positive it isn't your fault, take your dog into the area where he should eliminate, put him there and give a voice command you always give to make him eliminate. It doesn't matter if he does anything, just after a while start praising him, this way you positively reinforce the correct behaviour.

The other good idea is, taking his feces and putting them into the box he is supposed to use to eliminate. When he will notice his feces are there, he should be able to understand that this is the spot he is supposed to eliminate in.

As you can see, dealing with your dogs accidents is quite easy. The thing you have to always remember is, don't confuse your dog. If you will punish him for something that wasn't his fault you will never house train him and this can lead to frustration of both parties.

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